Our Family and Philosophy

We are simply a family who loves dogs. We live on a farm shared with an extended family, which is a fantastic place for happy dogs. We treat our dogs with love and count them as members of the family with all the privileges of family. Our grown dogs live with us in our home. We take them on outings and play with them. They have lots of room to run on the farm and play with us as well as their farm buddies.

As for the puppies, they are family too and live in an annexed playroom with lots of light and toys and comfy beds. They receive lots of attention and love from us as well and enjoy fieldtrips to explore the farm and our house, even taking car rides. We expose the pups to new sounds, animals, people and the outside world, from our forest to the fields to the back porch. When they eat, it’s a family affair, making food and family synonymous for them, as well as teaching them not to be food aggressive. They spend time cuddling with us and playing, and by the time they are adopted, they are usually used to taking baths.

Each puppy is a unique blessing, and our hope is that they will find forever families to suit their special character.

On Tail Docking and Dew Claw Removal

Some people choose to dock their dog’s tails and dew claws (that little claw further up the ankle analogous to the human thumb). We have chosen to leave our puppies natural. The tail is an extension of a dog’s backbone and is used to stabilize them. It also communicates their emotions, from happiness to excitement and even fear. The dewclaw also stabilizes dogs while they run and play and helps them grab toys and other objects. Furthermore, it helps prevents carpal tunnel.

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