How It Works

At Aussiedoodles of Love, we take the adoption process seriously, both for our sweet puppies and the families who desire to adopt. Adoption is a commitment, so we work tirelessly to help you with this important decision.


Phone call

When you decide to investigate adopting a puppy, the first step is a phone call. We’ll ask what you are looking for in a puppy and answer any questions you might have.


FaceTime, Zoom or in-person visit

Step 2 is setting up a FaceTime, Zoom or in person visit with the puppies, so you are able to see them at play with their siblings and our family and ask further questions.


$500 refundable deposit

If you decide to adopt a sweet puppy, you may put down a $500 deposit (Refundable, less 3% for the payment company). This will hold your puppy until it’s time to pick him or her up from our home.


Pick Up Your Puppy!

Puppies may be picked up after they are 8 weeks. They need their mama until then for socialization. They also need to grow and build antibodies. If they need to be transported long distances or are going to homes with older dogs we like to keep them a little longer.

Pick Up options:

    1. Our house in Troy, MO (45 miles northwest of St. Louis).
      It’s a fun place with lots of animals, and you may meet the puppy’s parents (unless our working sire is off property with his family or he’s working).
    2. Lambert International Airport in St. Louis
      If you decide to fly in, we will meet you at St. Louis International Airport at no cost to you.
    3. Puppy transport
      We are happy to set up a puppy transport for you (cost depends on your location). Ground transportation is available as well as air transport with a flight nanny.

Upon adoption, you’ll receive a puppy kit that includes:

-a training ebook
-training treats
-transition food (Kirkland Signature Puppy)
-puppy pads
-poop bags
-something with Mama’s scent
-a chew toy
-health records (puppy well-check and first vaccination)
-vaccination calendar for first year
-general information regarding your puppy’s needs.
-e-chip (already embedded in puppy)


We accept the following payments:
-Money Order
-Debit (3%) via Square
-PayPal (3%)

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