The Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodles are a mixed breed consisting of Australian Shepherd and Poodle, in our case, the Standard Poodle. They are intelligent, incredibly playful, and they crave human companionship, making them wonderful family dogs. They are considered companion dogs and should always live inside with their humans. Due to their high intelligence, they enjoy having a job, whether that be fetching a ball, playing with a child, solving a puzzle, or holding a more official task. Aussiedoodles can be well-suited as therapy dogs, while others nicely fill the role of herding other animals on a working farm. Due to this herding instinct, they may nip and herd people. With early training, this is not a problem. At Aussiedoodles of Love, we understand that all puppies need training regardless of the breed, and we are available for our families with resources and help with any concerns that might arise. Our goal is to have happy families and happy puppies.

About Us

We are simply a family who loves dogs. We live on a farm shared with an extended family, which is a fantastic place for happy dogs.