Blue Merle Aussiedoodle

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What Is Blue Merle Aussiedoodle?

The blue merle Aussie doodle is a playful, intelligent, and loyal dog breed, becoming one of the most popular poodle mixes worldwide. They have some popular nicknames like Aussiepoodle and Aussiepoo. They come in a wide range of coat patterns and colors, but the blue merle Aussiedoodle is highly in demand because of its unique coat shade. You can get Blue merle Aussiedoodle in Chicago. Aussie Doodles of Love offers the best quality of blue merle Aussie doodle.

Physical Appearance Traits


The average weight is almost 25-70 pounds.


The average size is 10-15 inches.

Coat Colors:

Have a wide range of coat colors like Gray, Black, Blue, Merle, Tan, and White.

Child friendliness:

One top reason for the popularity is they are very friendly with children.

Exercise Regime:

They need high exercise to be fit.

Life Span:

The average life span is 10-15 Years.

Grooming Upkeep:

Their grooming upkeep is moderate level.

Puppy cost:

The average Puppy Cost is around about $300.

Training Level:

It is easy to train them as compared to other breeds of dogs.

Contact Us:

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