Aussiedoodle Breeder


If you are planning to breed your dog, you first must consult with your veterinarian and check the physical health condition of your dog. Aussie Doodles of Love are happy to collaborate with you to determine the best breeding time for your dog, and our best team provides complete care and examines your dog throughout the breeding process. Before embarking upon any breeding program, you should think carefully. If you are facing any difficulty, you can give us a call. Your veterinarian also educates or guides you on the labor signs or process. We provide the best Aussiedoodle breeder in St. Louis.


Factors Consider Before Breeding Your Dog:


Finding Right Homes for Pup:

We all love adorable puppies. There is no denying it! However, finding the right home for a large cup of a puppy can be much more complicated than it sounds. Some breeds of dogs have few pups, but some may have more than 8-10 pups. Statistics say that almost 3.3 million dogs are yearly entering shelter places. This is an alarming thing.

Emergency C-Section:

Every dog owner wants pregnancies to go well, and we must plan any situation because sometimes things do not go as planned. Most dogs can easily whelp (birth) at home, but some require emergency Caesarean Sections. Emergency C-sections are always risky for mothers and puppies because they are distressed. Therefore, for a safer option, you can get our breeding services. We provide Aussiedoodle breeders in Chicago. Our team continuously monitors mothers’ and puppies’ health for safer delivery.

Screening Tests:

A screening Test is very crucial to determine the physical condition. Many diseases such as heart abnormalities, hip dysplasia, and many more can be passed out from mother to offspring, which may need long-term medication or lead to early death. You must do a screening test for Aussiedoodle before deciding to breed.


Book a quote:

You must carefully decide on the breed because cute puppies are always heart-melting and a source of joy for the owner, but they can be bargained for. AssieDoodles of Love ensures the right option for your Aussiedoodle. Our team takes care of all breeding needs. You can book your quote today for breeding services. We are confident we are offering the best Aussiedoodle breeder in Kansas City.